What is the # EU4FairWork campaign to tackle undeclared work?

Running from March 2020, # EU4FAIRWORK is the first European information campaign promoting committed work. The initiative, funded and led by the European Commission with the support of the European Labor Authority and the European Platform against Undeclared Work, aims to raise the awareness of employers and employees about the benefits of registered work and to contribute to a change in the approach to undeclared work.

The aim of the campaign is to broaden the knowledge of employees about their rights, about the impact of undeclared work on their lives, about the possibility of reporting illegal cases and taking actions to regulate the employee situation. The campaign’s message is also aimed at employers, reminding them of their responsibilities to employees at all levels of the supply chain and sensitizing them to the benefits of committed work. The campaign is also targeted at policymakers who can contribute to the development and implementation of more effective strategies in the area of ​​undeclared work through policy and legislative initiatives. # EU4FAIRWORK is also intended to emphasize the importance of the activities of the European Platform against Undeclared Work (BCC) and encourage its members to act together.
Launched in March 2020, the campaign combines two key elements. Firstly: promoting legal employment in social media, using the tools dedicated to this communication channel prepared by the Bcc Platform. Secondly: intensifying the activity of member states during the so-called Action Week, when each of the parties involved will be able to direct their chosen activities to the appropriate target group, depending on national needs and opportunities.

A special role in the campaign was assigned to social partners who, thanks to trust-based relationships with employees and employers, can bring innovative actions focused on specific forms of undeclared work and strengthen key messages through their own communication channels with campaign target groups.

The European social media campaign has been adapted to the COVID-19 situation (online events, social media campaigns, promotion of quizzes, infographics and other campaign material) and the Action Week, initially planned for March, has been postponed to 21-25 September 2020. During this period, Member States will organize, inter alia, joint inspections, information events with employees and employers (also in the form of videoconferences), in a manner adapted to the pandemic situation in individual countries.

The COVID-19 crisis has affected millions of workers, and unregistered workers are particularly vulnerable to the negative consequences of the current situation due to the lack of access to social security packages. Involving as many partners as possible in the campaign can contribute to increasing the awareness of the general public about decent work.Source: https://www.pip.gov.pl/pl/wiadomosci/116489,panstwowa-inspekcja-pracy-wspiera-kampanie-eu4fairwork-na-rzecz-przeciwdzialania-pracy-nierejestrowanej.html

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