What is Lofavor in Norway?

Lofavor is a collection of benefits and powers developed by trade unions in Norway that can be used by every member. These include cheaper insurance with better conditions, holiday discounts and legal aid. All this is available after registering at https://www.lofavor.no/ with your membership number. The program includes: – Home and property insurance: The insurance covers water damage, fire and theft in common accidents – and when moving to the Scandinavian region. The insurance covers, among other things, theft of a bicycle and a car, theft of property from a balcony, terrace or garden, legal assistance in the event of theft of personal data, legal costs in the event of disputes as a private person. – Insurance against accidents during non-working hours: The insurance against accidents at work, which every employer must provide, covers only occupational diseases and accidents related to the performance of work. During the time off from work, this insurance does not apply. The leisure time accident insurance covers both death and disability due to an accident. – Life Insurance: Financial assistance in the event of sudden death. The insurance covers a union member as well as a spouse / cohabitant and children under the age of 21 in the event of death, regardless of age and cause.

Source: http://www.fellesforbundetavd2.no/dokumenter/polsk001.pdf

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