Decent work is a safe work – Questions & Answers

  1. What are the employer’s basic obligations in the area of occupational health and safety?
  2. What are the supervisory authorities for working conditions?
  3. What entities are subject to the control of the National Labor Inspectorate?
  4. What is occupational risk assessment?
  5. What institutions deal with the issue of occupational risk assessment?
  6. What are the employees’ obligations?
  7. What are the employee’s obligations regarding health and safety at work?
  8. What types of OHS trainings are there?
  9. How often do you need to carry out periodic OHS training?
  10. What is the difference between special and harmful factors in the work environment?
  11. Does the employer have to designate employees for health and safety tasks?
  12. What are the employer’s obligations in hot weather?
  13. What are the penalties for violating OHS rules in connection with the coronavirus?
  14. What are the rules for performing preventive medical examinations during the coronavirus pandemic?
  15. Coronavirus and employee health and safety training
  16. What are the health and safety requirements in the field of hygiene and sanitary facilities?
  17. Are first aid kits in workplaces obligatory?
  18. What are WHO’s recommendations for employers to combat the spread of the Coronavirus?
  19. What are the jobs that are particularly harmful to women’s health?
  20. Is it possible to terminate an employment contract with a social labor inspector?
  21. What is an accident at work?
  22. What are the types of accident benefits?
  23. What is the amount of lump-sum compensation for accidents at work and occupational diseases?
  24. What are the health and safety responsibilities in a small business?
  25. Are there any minor concessions on health and safety in a small company?
  26. Are people working outdoors entitled to clothing that protects against UV radiation?
  27. Does the employer have the right tyo test the employees for drugs?
  28. Is the entrepreneur able to obtain funding for improving occupational health and safety?
  29. What was the subject of the meeting of the Labor Protection Council on August 25, 2020?
  30. When do we deal with stress in the workplace?
  31. On what terms will remote work be applicable from September 5, 2020?
  32. How is a home office accident qualified?
  33. What is the # EU4FairWork campaign to tackle undeclared work?
  34. Is the sanitary and epidemiological booklet still valid?
  35. What is the inspection and supervisory activity of a labor inspector?
  36. What elements does a post-inspection report drawn up by a labor inspector consist of?
  37. What are the health and safety requirements in Norway?
  38. What is the Norwegian HMS course?
  39. What are the obligations of an employer and employee in the Norwegian legal system?
  40. What is EU law on personal protective equipment?
  41. Psychotechnical tests – who has to do them?
  42. Employee on boosters – what steps can the employer take?
  43. What are the recommendations for employers in connection with the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus?
  44. What is the preventive program of the National Labor Inspectorate “Safe at school”?
  45. What are the employer’s obligations in the event of an employee having symptoms of an occupational disease?
  46. How is occupational risk assessed in Norway?
  47. What forms are used to document the occupational risk assessment in Norway?
  48. What is the Agreement for Safety in Construction?
  49. What was the main theme of this year’s World Mental Health Day?
  50. What is the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work?
  51. What was the subject of the Labor Protection Council meeting on November 17, 2020?
  52. What is the Healthy and Safe Workplaces campaign – Carry Wisely?
  53. What are the causes of musculoskeletal disorders?
  54. What results from the report of the Safe at Work Coalition “Safety at work in Poland 2020. The impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the Polish labor market”?
  55. What are the employer’s obligations related to working at heights?
  56. How much compensation is due to the employee for training on a non-working day? How much compensation is due to the employee for training on a non-working day?
  57. What is the “Security Culture” educational program about?
  58. Should contractors be referred for OSH training and medical examinations?
  59. What are the employer’s obligations during the winter period?
  60. Is the employer required to update the occupational risk assessments related to COVID-19?
  61. What was the theme of the conference entitled ‘Unusual employment relations’?
  62. What companies are the winners of the “Employer – organizer of safe work” competition in 2020?
  63. Can an employee claim compensation in case of COVID-19 infection at the workplace?
  64. What has changed since 16 December this year in the rules on preliminary and okes tests during the pandeia?
  65. How should the employer comply with the obligation to provide personal hygiene products to employees?
  66. What is OSH management in the context of an ageing workforce?
  67. Young people and health and safety at work?
  68. What are the specific risks to health and life?
  69. What has changed in the list of carcinogenic processes?
  70. What are the rules for safe snow removal of roofs?
  71. Who makes the decision to recognise an occupational disease?
  72. What is a safety audit at work?
  73. How do I protect an employee in a car workshop?
  74. What are OSH electronic tools?
  75. How to observe safety in transport and storage?
  76. Can an employer require vaccination against COVID-19?
  77. What are the tasks of sanepid?
  78. What are the sanepid permissions?
  79. What are the employer’s and employee’s obligations to disinfect the workplace?
  80. What is the risk of monotony?
  81. Health and safety training in remote work – is it mandatory?
  82. What are the most important principles of protection against fire protection in construction?
  83. What is first aid in the event of an electric shock?
  84. What are the fire hazards in large-scale facilities?
  85. What are the health and safety rules for crane operators?
  86. Can a remote work order be the reason for a reduction in the remuneration due to the employee?
  87. What are the risks in the welder’s position?
  88. What are the health and safety rules for welding?
  89. What are the health and safety requirements for an office chair?
  90. What are the obligations of the carrier in the event of a driver’s accident at work?

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