What are the employer’s basic obligations in the area of occupational health and safety?

The employer is obliged to protect the health and life of employees by ensuring safe and hygienic working conditions, with appropriate use of the achievements of science and technology, in particular:

  • organize work in a way that ensures safe and hygienic working conditions,
  • ensure that the workplace complies with the rules and principles of health and safety at work, give instructions to remove deficiencies in the aera of OHS and control the implementation of these instructions,
  • respond to the needs of ensuring occupational health and safety and adapt the measures to improve the existing level of employee health and life protection, taking into account the changing working conditions,
  • ensure the development of a coherent policy, preventing accidents at work and occupational diseases, taking into account technical issues, work organization, working conditions, social relations and the influence of factors of the working environment,
  • take into account the health protection of young people who are pregnant or breastfeeding

and disabled employees in the field of preventive actions

  • ensure that orders, statements, decisions and orders issued by the supervisory authorities regarding working conditions are implemented,
  • ensure the implementation of the social labor inspector’s recommendations

Source : ,,ABC BHP Informator dla pracodawców’’ Jakub Chojnicki, Grażyna Jarosiewicz; 2019

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