How often do you need to carry out periodic OHS training?

Periodic OHS training is obligatory during employment. Their goal is to remind and consolidate knowledge in the field of health and safety and to familiarize participants with new technical and organizational solutions in this matter. The frequency of periodic OHS training depends on the type and conditions of work.

The training should be conducted in the form of a course, seminar or self-directed training and must take place:

  • persons who are employers and other persons managing employees: managers, masters, foremen → at least once every 5 years,
  • employees employed in worker positions → not less frequently than once every 3 years, and in positions where there are particularly high threats to the safety or health of employees, not less frequently than once a year
  • engineering and technical employees, including designers, machine and other technical equipment constructors, technologists and production organizers → at least once every 5 years,
  • employees of the OHS service and other persons performing the tasks of this service → at least once every 5 years,
  • administrative and office employees and others not mentioned above, whose nature of work is associated with exposure to factors harmful to health, arduous or dangerous, or with responsibility in the field of health and safety → at least once every 6 years.
  • Administrative and office employees employed by employers qualified for the activity group, for whom no higher than the third risk category was determined – without periodic training.

Groups of activities for which no higher than the third risk category has been determined:

  • clothing production,
  • production of leather and leather products,
  • printing and reproduction of recorded information carriers,
  • production of computers, electronic and optical products,
  • retail, excluding the retail of motor vehicles,
  • air transport,
  • information and communication,
  • Detective and security activities,
  • education,
  • activities related to culture, recreation and entertainment,
  • scientific and technical activities,
  • financial and insurance activities,
  • activities related to real estate market services,
  • activities related to gastronomy services,
  • activities related to administrative office support

The exemption from periodic OHS training may be used by a person who submits a valid certificate of completion of the required periodic training with another employer during this period or has undergone periodic OHS training required for a person employed in a position belonging to another group of positions, when his program takes into account the scope of thematic required by the periodic training program in force at the new job.

Periodic safety training is completed by an exam conducted by the training organizer. The training should be confirmed by a certificate, which should be kept in part B of the employee’s personal file.
In a situation where the employer is not able to organize periodic training during working hours, the time of training taking place outside of working hours should be considered as working time with the right to remuneration and allowance for overtime work, or free time.



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