What was the subject of 340 sessions of the Governing Body of the International Labor Office?

On November 2-14 this year. the 340 session of the Governing Body of the International Labor Office was held in Geneva. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the RA session was held virtually for the first time in the hundred-year history of the Organization. In order to shorten the time of the session as much as possible, prior to the commencement of the Council, consultations and online voting were held on agreed and not controversial matters. The agenda of the Council’s meeting included, inter alia, the following points: – The role of the ILO in combating climate change and a just transition for all – ILO response to the COVID-19 pandemic – Review of program and budget proposals for 2022–23 – Renewing the commitment to youth employment by approving the Youth Employment Follow-Up Action Plan 2020-2030 – The ILO Strategic Plan for 2022–2025 – ILO development cooperation strategy for 2020–25 – Policy for the integration of disabled people – Cases of states in gross violation of the provisions of ratified ILO conventions (Bangladesh, Chile, Guatemala, Qatar, Myanmar, Venezuela) The most controversial was the development of the final version of the RA MBP’s decision on Venezuela (non-compliance with ILO conventions no. 26, 87 and 144). Due to the fact that Venezuela did not accept the recommendations of the Investigative Committee, a group of American states and a group of employers postulated that the decision should include a reference to Art. 33 of the ILO Constitution (i.e. the referral of the matter to the agenda of the International Labor Conference, the ILO has used this procedure only once in its history in relation to Myanmar). As no decision could be agreed, the matter was moved to the agenda of the 341 RA session (March 2021). A high-level meeting was held during the session on COVID-19 and the world of work. During the discussion, its participants emphasized the need to immediately take all possible measures to protect workers (especially young people, women and people with disabilities), provide them with appropriate social protection and maintain jobs. It was agreed that it was necessary for the ILO to prepare a “global response” on this matter. Tripartite consultations will be conducted to develop proposals for the content and format of such a response, which will be discussed during the 341 RA sessions (March 2021) and then during the 109 IPC sessions (June 2021). An additional item on the agenda of the RA session on the last day of its deliberations was the resolution on the situation of seafarers during the pandemic. His notification was a consequence of raising the matter at the session of the UN General Assembly in New York. The governments represented in the RA, recognizing the urgency of the matter and the need for urgent action, indicated that they did not have sufficient time for consultation, which is indispensable due to the multiplicity of overlapping issues contained therein. The resolution will be subject to further consultation and will likely be submitted to the RA members for postal vote.

Source: http://www.dialog.gov.pl/aktualnosci/art,1179,340-sesja-rady-administracyjnej-miedzynarodowego-biura-pracy.html

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