What are the health and safety requirements in Norway?

As in every country, there are also health and safety regulations in Norway regarding the working environment. Complying with them is the primary responsibility of the employee and the employer.
The Norwegian Labor Code (arbeidsmiljøloven) requires employers to create a fully safe working environment for employees. The act contains provisions to prevent dangerous and overly strenuous work. Compliance with occupational health and safety is especially important in plants where employees work with hazardous devices or with harmful substances. An important provision in the Norwegian Labor Code is that the employee chooses the pace of work himself, so he cannot be ordered to any standards. On the other hand, failure to perform work may result in termination of the contract.

In plants employing at least 10 people, employees choose from among themselves a spokesperson for safety at work. The ombudsman looks after the interests of employees in matters related to the working environment and controls whether the employer complies with the provisions of the Labor Code.
According to the Labor Code, the employer is obliged to provide all employees with the necessary training to perform their work in a safe manner.

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