What is the “Security Culture” educational program about?

“Safety Culture” is an educational program implemented by the National Labor Inspectorate in the environment of secondary school students and students since 2006. More than 40% of severe and fatal accidents affect young and inexperienced workers in the first year of work. A huge role in reducing accidents at work is played by shaping responsibility and the habit of safe work performance. It brings the greatest effects when it begins as soon as possible, therefore the National Labor Inspectorate undertakes educational activities to shape a safety culture also in the environment of children and adolescents. Objectives of the program:

  • Raising the level of knowledge among school and university youth in the field of legal protection of work and safe and hygienic working conditions.
  • Shaping the awareness of occupational hazards occurring in the work environment among students over 15 years of age and students (in particular in higher-risk professions, e.g. in construction) and students (in particular in high-risk professions, e.g. in construction ).
  • Popularization of issues related to compliance with labor law, especially the issues of concluding employment contracts, including civil law ones, taking up seasonal and holiday work, and the issues of legality of employment.

The program is implemented by the National Labor Inspectorate in cooperation with education offices and interested secondary schools, local governments and social partners. Universities and voluntary labor corps are also invited to take advantage of the knowledge and experience of the National Labor Inspectorate. Teachers who declare their readiness to participate in the program are covered by the trainings of the National Labor Inspectorate. School directors and teachers conducting lessons under the “Safety Culture” program use the possibility of applying for classes to be conducted by labor inspectors and other PIP employees. The program is implemented in a similar manner in the student environment. The program is implemented in the form of lectures, lectures and seminars, and the topics are determined depending on the nature of the university.

Source: https://www.pip.gov.pl/pl/prewencja-i-promocja/program-edukacyjny-kultura-bezpieczenstwa-/118392,kultura-bezpieczenstwa.html

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