When is the International Mediation Day celebrated?

International Mediation Day (Conflict Resolution Day) is a worldwide celebration aimed at popularizing knowledge related to methods of peaceful conflict resolution (arbitration, mediation, conciliation, etc.). The holiday was initiated by the American organization Association for Conflict Resolution (ACR) in 2005, establishing it on October 20. The goals of the idea of ​​creating a mediation festival presented by the board of the association:

  • promoting knowledge related to mediation, arbitration, conciliation and other peaceful methods of conflict resolution;
  • promoting the idea of ​​mediation as an effective tool for resolving disputes in schools, families, workplaces, and government institutions;
  • to present the benefits of using peaceful methods of conflict resolution;
  • bringing about worldwide cooperation between organizations interested in celebrating the festival.

The holiday logo proposed by ACR represents the tree as a symbol of development inherent in the idea of ​​peaceful settlement of disputes: “just as from the seeds you plant, one day a tree will grow, so one day it will result in the effort you put into an attempt at reconciliation”. In 2006, the management board of ACR introduced changes, setting the third Thursday of October as the day of the event. Organizations from around the world participating in the International Mediation Day adhere to this deadline to this day. The number of countries joining the celebration of the holiday is growing every year.

         Source: https://www.mediator.org.pl/Miedzynarodowy_Dzien_Mediacji/16/index.html

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