What were the results of the Randstad Labor Market Monitor survey conducted in the first quarter of 2020?

The Randstad Labor Market Monitor survey has been a signpost for Polish employers for 10 years, which allows them to plan their activities in the area of ​​employee employment more effectively. In a special edition of the study, a special edition of the study analyzed how the development of the COVID-19 epidemic influenced the situation of Polish employers and employees. The survey carried out from March 24 to 30 shows that:

  • during the announced coronavirus epidemic, employees’ concerns about losing their jobs have increased significantly – as many as 26% have a high fear of losing their jobs – an increase by 17 pp. compared to the previous measurement
  • job loss is the most fearful of people working on fixed-term contracts, mandate contracts and specific specific contracts, sellers and cashiers, unskilled workers and employed in the hotel and catering industry and trade
  • the assessment of the chance to find a new job in the next 6 months is much more pessimistic – taking into account both finding any job and job as good as the current one
  • young people up to 29 years of age assess their chances for a new job best, residents of southern regions and the largest cities , salespeople and cashiers, healthcare, hospitality and catering workers
  • due to the threat of coronavirus and the announced state of the epidemic, almost half of employees (41%) are afraid of reducing their salary, one in four employees is afraid of dismissal, and 16% of the company’s liquidation
  • 1/3 of employees have no concerns about the situation
  • salary reduction is especially worried by salespeople, cashiers and drivers
  • fears about dismissal most often employees of the financial industry, industry as well as telecommunications and IT
  • the liquidation of the company is most feared by those working in the hotel, catering and construction industries

Źródło: http://info.randstad.pl/monitor-rynku-pracy-39

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