What was the meeting of the Task Force for Public Services of the Social Dialogue Council on July 21, 2020 devoted to?

On July 21, 2020, the RDS problem team for public services discussed the draft changes to the Teacher’s Charter and the state of preparation for possible remote education in the 2020/2021 school year. In the meeting, the government side was represented by: Mr. Maciej Kopeć – Undersecretary of State in the Ministry of National Education and Mrs. Iwona Michałek – Secretary of State in the Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Policy.

The substantive part of the meeting was preceded by a discussion on the proposal to establish a permanent problem sub-team for education and upbringing within the Task Force for Public Services. The issues of the Subassembly are to cover the scope of competences of both the Ministry of National Education and the Ministry of Science and Higher Education. In accordance with the request of the Polish Alliance of Trade Unions, the tasks of the Sub-team will include:

  • initiating discussions on the effective use of the education system for the education of pupils and students, as well as lifelong learning and raising professional qualifications;
  • issuing opinions on legal acts concerning education, upbringing and directions of educational policy;
  • assessment of the situation of pupils, students and teachers as participants in the educational process;
  • monitoring the legal and economic effects of the functioning education system.

During the meeting, the social partners pointed to the need to create a separate forum within the Social Dialogue Council devoted exclusively to education. It was emphasized that the creation of a permanent Sub-Team will enable a wider discussion among professionals, devoted not only to the topics of the teaching environment, but also to matters related to non-teachers, the situation of the student in the system and organizers of the education process.
The final decision on the appointment of a new Subgroup will be made by the Presidium of the Social Dialogue Council.

Then, the Team discussed the draft changes to the Teacher’s Charter and the state of preparations for possible remote education in the 2020/2021 school year. The social side pointed out that the project in question introduces changes not only in the professional pragmatics of teachers in terms of disciplinary proceedings, but also introduces numerous changes to the education law, i.e. to the Education System Act and the Education Law. At the same time, the issue of remote learning was completely marginalized in the project. It was agreed that the social side would work on the preparation of a common position on the draft amendment to the Teacher’s Charter.

Source: https://www.cpsdialog.gov.pl/index.php/108-z-zycia-dialogu/zespoly-problemowe-rds/545-21-07-2020-uslugi

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