What is the Social Dialogue Council?

The Social Dialogue Council is an institution which constitutes a forum for a tripartite dialogue in Poland and a field for cooperation for employees, employers and governmental side. It operates at central level.

Objectives of the Social Dialogue Council:

  • providing conditions for socio-economic development and increasing the competitiveness of the Polish economy and social cohesion ;
  • implementation of the principle of participation and social solidarity in the field of employment relations ;
  • acting to improve the quality of formulation and implementation of socio-economic policies and strategies, as well as building social agreement around them by conducting transparent, substantive and regular dialogue between employees ‘and employers’ organizations and the government;

• supporting social dialogue at all levels of local government units.

The Act provides for two-level competences of the Social Dialogue Council, which is reflected in the rights reserved for the autonomous dialogue of two parties – employers and employees, and for tripartite dialogue with three partners – employers – employees – the government, and thus the entire Council.

The statutory members of the Social Dialogue Council are representatives of: the government, representative trade union organizations and representative employers’ organizations.

Source: http://www.dialog.gov.pl/dialog-krajowy/rada-dialogu-spolecznego/rada-dialogu-spolecznego/

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