What is the Norwegian AFP pension scheme?

AFP is a collective agreement pension plan that allows you to retire at the age of 62. You can obtain AFP rights by working for a private company that has a collective agreement with AFP in mind. The Social Insurance Institution pays the AFP benefit indefinitely, in addition to the old-age pension. The application for the old-age pension must be submitted to the social insurance institution at the same time as the application for AFP, as AFP is a supplement to the old-age pension. However, you do not need to draw 100 percent of your pension, you can choose between 20, 40, 50, 60 or 80 percent. You are only entitled to AFP if you meet the conditions for retirement, including minimum pension / guarantee pension rights at the age of 67. The AFP supplement is taken into account when calculating whether the guarantee pension requirements are met.

Source: http://www.fellesforbundetavd2.no/dokumenter/polsk001.pdf

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