What is the Governing Body of the International Labor Organization?

The Administrative Council is the governing and coordinating body of the International Labor Organization. It consists of 56 members, 28 of which represent governments, and 14 employers and employees, and 66 deputy members, 28 of which sit on government boards, and 19 each sit on the ranks of employers and employees. Among the governmental members of the RA, 10 places are occupied by representatives of countries playing the greatest role in industry (Brazil, China, France, India, Japan, Germany, Russia, the United States, Great Britain and Italy). The remaining government representatives are elected (geographically) by the Conference for a three-year term. The last elections took place in 2017. In these elections, the Polish Government was elected a titular member of the RA (until the end of June 2020). There should be elections to the RA this year, however, due to the coronavirus pandemic and the postponement of 109 sessions of the International Labor Conference, the current term has been extended until June next year.

Source: http://www.dialog.gov.pl/aktualnosci/art,1179,340-sesja-rady-administracyjnej-miedzynarodowego-biura-pracy.html

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