What is the European Trade Union Institute (ETUI)?

The European Trade Union Institute (ETUI) is the independent research and training center of the European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC). The expertise of the ETUI, acquired in the context of cooperation with universities and expert academic networks, is used in the service of workers’ interests at the European level, as well as for strengthening the social dimension of the European Union.

The Institute consists of two departments:

  • Research Department
  • the Education Department

ETUI conducts research on socio-economic and industrial relations issues, and monitors European policy developments and trends of strategic importance for the world of work. Moreover, it builds bridges between academia, research and the movement
trade union in order to stimulate independent research on topics particularly relevant to the world of work.

ETUI supports training and educational activities. ETUI’s Education Department organizes programs and exchanges for the ETUC and its members to strengthen the identity of the European trade union movement.

ETUI also provides technical support for the purpose of occupational health and safety
achieving a high level of protection of the health and safety of workers in the workplace.
An advisory scientific commission of twenty-two members and female members, mostly scientists, has been set up to fulfill its mission, with the aim of supporting the mid-term strategy of the Institute.

ETUI is a non-profit organization based on the provisions of Belgian law,
employing about 70 people from all over Europe. Receives financial support from the European Union.

Source: https://www.etui.org/sites/default/files/ez_import/Plaquette_Institut_PL.pdf

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