What is the Business Response Forum (FOB)?

Forum is an expert organization, remaining the initiator and partner of projects crucial for Polish CSR. It inspires a business that changes the world and connects people who change business. It works for sustainable development.

To this end, FOB supports companies in becoming more responsible, builds coalitions of companies around solving social problems, creates a community of socially engaged companies, creates a space for exchanging experiences between managers, public administrations, academics and social organizations. He is actively looking for social responsibility solutions for companies operating in Poland, adequate to their needs and capabilities.

Values of the Responsible Business Forum

  • Courage – openness, innovation, commitment and independence. FOB ptakes away socially important topics. It exploits the potential for the development of responsible business in Poland. It is a “learner” organization. Bring aboutchange  and innovation.
  • Consistency – consistency, independence and ethics present in everyday activities are a guarantee that in carrying out FOBmissions follow the values and strategy and concept of corporate social responsibility.
  • Knowledge – development and meritocrasy. Practical and theoretical knowledge of CSR is the capital that fob  shares, seeks  to  deepen, develop. FOB  Focuses on the substantive and competence development of employees, which supports systemic solutions in the organization.
  • Cooperation – respect for diversity and openness to other organizations and individuals. FOB jest readyto  take partnerships, shares knowledge and experience, both inside and outside.

The FOB is also associated with the values enshrined in the Charter of Principles of Action of Non-Governmental Organizations, adopted on 28 May 2010 by the General Meeting of Members of the National Federationof Non-Governmental Organizations, which includes: common good, legalism, independence, transparency, accountability, integrity, accountability, partnership, separation of powers, avoidance of conflicts of interest.

As an organization coordinating the Charter of Diversity in Poland, it identifies with its values such as diversity, inclusive organizational culture or anti-discrimination in the workplace.

Cooperation with business has been the basis of the mission of the Responsible Business Forum for almost 20 years. This is a prerequisite for the development of CSR in Poland, which is based on the involvement of companies and sectoral and cross-sectoral partnerships, projects carried out jointly with public administrations, academia and NGOs.

The Partnership Programme is the main FOB programme, which is a platform for companies to develop, acquire knowledge and networking and share good practices in the area of corporate social responsibility. This program is created by companies – csr leaders, companies at the forefront of their industries, but also responsible business and sustainability in Poland.

The Partnership Programme is based on three elements: communication and building relationships between companies, the inclusion of Partners in FOB activities and education and knowledge, which is crucial for FOB, and for our Partners. It is an opportunity to learn about good practices, Polish and foreign, but also to present the achievements of companies outside. Participation in the Partnership Programme also means networking, contacts that enable coalitions and partnerships to be building, but also getting to know the CSR environment.

The Partnership Programme shall consist m.in:

  • closed substantive meetings: with experts, thematic, webinars, training;
  • annual business breakfast with the possibility of learning about FOB plans for the following year and networking;
  • closed portal for FOB Partners: http://partnerzy.odpowiedzialnybiznes.pl;
  • recurring newsletter of the Partnership Programme;
  • cooperation in publications, infographics, thematic analyses created by the Responsible Business Forum;
  • presentation of the company’s practices and achievements under social responsibility – m.in. during meetings, in articles, through the publication of press releases;
  • exposure of the company as a Partner of the Responsible Business Forum (company logo in leaflets, publications and other materials and during CSR Tragów and other open events, a tab with a description of the company on the odpowiedzialnybiznes.pl portal, press releases from the company on social media and on the FOB portal);
  • the possibility of participating in foreign projects, study visits;
  • an invitation to attend meetings of the Responsible Leadership Council;
  • an invitation to cooperate in the framework of a missionary project aimed at students – the League of Responsible Business;
  • discounts on additional activities: partnerships at events, stand during CSR Tragów;
  • the possibility of being involved in and prioritising new FOB initiatives.

Source: http://odpowiedzialnybiznes.pl/kim-jestesmy/

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