What is Fellesforbundet?

Trade unions in Norway are formed by various organizations. One of them is Fellesforbundet. It gathers employees from the construction, industry, agriculture, hotels, restaurants and many other branches of the economy.

Fellesforbundet is a member of LO (Norwegian Trade Union Confederation), which is the largest trade union organization in Norway. In total, it has nearly 900,000 members and approximately 40,000 representatives elected locally by employees.

Trade unions and LO negotiate with employers’ organizations on wages, working conditions, holidays and other regulations. Some of these laws take legal effect over time. Therefore, this organized group of workers has a great responsibility for what the employment relationship in Norway will look like; accountability to both union members and non-unionized workers.

Source: http://www.fellesforbundetavd2.no/dokumenter/polsk001.pdf

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