What does the Eurofound Foundation do?

Eurofound’s goal is to support the implementation of the Europe 2020 strategy to ensure that Europe achieves smart, sustainable and inclusive growth. By conducting research that examines practical experiences and identifies the determinants of successful change, Eurofound aims to both document and understand change and to generate ideas for on-going actions to improve the living and employment conditions of European citizens. The current programming document for 2017-2020 describes the Foundation’s planned work over the four-year programming period. Eurofound has selected six strategic thematic areas in which it will pursue awareness-raising activities to align living and employment conditions upwards in the European Union. They cover the following topics: – working conditions and permanent work; – labor relations; – changes in the labor market; – quality of life and public services; – digital age: opportunities and challenges in the field of work and employment; – compliance monitoring in the European Union. The first four issues are the main areas in which Eurofound has built up expertise over the past 40 years and which ensure the continuity of the agency’s work. The last two areas, which deal with the digital age and compliance in the EU, bring a new dimension to the Foundation’s activities as they cover cross-cutting challenges and paradigm shifts that can transform core areas of the Foundation’s work. Within these six themes, Eurofound will explore how ways to improve living and working conditions through public policies and legislation, the participation of social partners and workplace practices. The multiannual program for 2017-2020 sets out a detailed work plan for each year of the programming period.

Source: https://www.eurofound.europa.eu/pl/about-eurofound/what-we-do

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