What does green HRM mean?

There is more and more talk about caring for our planet, and this makes us make choices that bring benefits for ecology. Green HRM (Green HRM, GHRM), i.e. taking into account the promotion of the so-called green skills in the HR strategy, is becoming more and more popular. This concept aims to combine effective employee management with pro-ecological management.

Today, caring for nature is not a possibility, but a necessity. It is no different in the case of organizations. Green HRM is a set of principles, systems and practices used to induce employees to behave ecologically in the workplace. For what purpose? To create the company’s mission as socially responsible, focused on environmental protection, and thus conscious and effective management of not only human resources, but also natural resources.

Effective use of Green HRM begins before the employee is recruited to the organization. At the stage of creating a job description, when planning recruitment, it is worth taking into account future tasks related to care for ecology. This will strengthen the image of a company consciously caring for the good of the planet.

At the stage of recruitment and onboarding, green HRM is extremely important and can significantly affect the pro-ecological mission of the company. Recruitment documents may be stored in electronic form. Saving paper will affect not only nature, but also the company’s budget. Also, the process of retraining employees (L&D) can gain a more pro-ecological dimension. L&D is increasingly focused on learning green skills and raising awareness of the environment in the workplace.

The assumption is primarily to make employees aware of the scale of the problem. For this purpose, from time to time it is worth providing a newsletter with the latest pro-ecological solutions that can be implemented at work or plan a meeting with a green influencer. As many employees as possible should be educated in the field of saving energy sources or other ecological behavior at work. Materials should not be delivered in paper form – ecologically and economically, i.e. electronically. Digitization strongly supports a pro-ecological attitude. Sustainable development can become one of the elements of employee development.

It is worth showing employees that a green attitude is necessary not only today, but also in the future. Not only at work, but also in private life.

One way to develop green HRM in a company is to include it in an employee assessment. In the performance management strategy, it is worth including goals related to the pro-ecological mission of the company. Employees can be motivated to exhibit pro-ecological behavior by entering sustainability tasks as one of the metrics used for evaluation.

Just a few simple steps are enough to consolidate pro-ecological habits in employees. This may be, for example, promoting commuting to work by bike or giving up disposable dishes in the company in favor of reusable packaging. Thanks to gratuities for pro-ecological behavior, employees will be more willing and effective to introduce new assumptions, which in turn will lead to an improvement in the company’s image and build a real pro-ecological attitude. Progress at the organization level can be measured.   Global measurement programs have been created, to which you can register a company and check its achievements and receive ISO 14001 or Global Reporting Initiative certification.

Source: https://hcmdeck.com/blog/zielony-hrm-i-ld/

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