What are work regulations?

Work regulations, like remuneration regulations, are an internal source of labour law.

Work and remuneration regulations define all matters related to the provision of work at a specific employer. They refer to:

  • organization and order in the work process and related rights and obligations of the parties to the employment relationship, i.e. the employee and the employer (work regulations),
  • conditions of remuneration for work and other work-related benefits (remuneration regulations).

An employer employing at least 20 employees, regardless of the type of employment relationship or employment contract, as well as the age of the employed person, is obliged to create work regulations, unless it is covered by a collective agreement. Part-time workers are also included in this number. An employer employing fewer than 20 employees may introduce work regulations (in which case it is not obliged to issue a notice), which defines the systems and schedules of working time and the accepted settlement periods of working time.

The work regulations should specify in particular:

  • organization of work, conditions of stay on the premises of the workplace during and after work, equipping employees with tools and materials, as well as with work clothing and footwear and personal protective equipment and personal hygiene;
  • the working time systems and schedules and the related reference periods adopted;
  • night time;
  • the date, place, time and frequency of payment of remuneration;
  • lists of works forbidden to young workers and women;
  • the types of work and the list of workstations permitted to young workers for the purpose of apprenticeships;
  • a list of light work permitted to young workers employed for purposes other than apprenticeships;
  • obligations relating to health and safety at work and fire protection;
  • the manner in which workers are informed of the occupational risks associated with their work;
  • the method adopted by a given employer of confirming the arrival and presence at work by employees and justifying absence.

The work regulations are determined by the employer in consultation with the company’s trade union organization. If the content of the work regulations is not agreed with the company trade union organization within the time limit set by the parties, as well as in the event that a given employer does not operate a company trade union organization, the work regulations are set by the employer.

Source: https://www.pip.gov.pl/pl/f/v/144709/Regul%20Pracy%20Wynagradz.pdf

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