What are the win-win negotiation techniques related to preparation for negotiations?

Preparation for negotiations is of great importance for the course of the talks. You should familiarize yourself with the offer of the competition, determine the limit of concessions and decide how the meeting will proceed. It should also be determined where the negotiations will take place, how long they will last and how long each session will be. The negotiation techniques of wines – faults related to the preparation of negotiations include two tactics, often used by negotiators – an agenda and a seat at the table.

Preparation for negotiations requires drawing up a list of issues that will be discussed with the partner. The party hosting the negotiations presents its own agenda. During the presentation of the course of the meeting, one should not forget to pay attention to the suggestions of the other party, referring to the order of topics discussed or adding new issues that may have a significant impact on the development of the final solution.

The use of the agenda allows you to take the initiative and control the course of the meeting. It also protects both sides from unexpected moves that may be aimed at confusing the opponent or diverting his attention from certain issues of the contract.

However, the negotiation technique of the agenda is also associated with certain risks. First of all, if we stick rigidly to the list of topics, we can be perceived as an inflexible and even aggressive negotiator who wants to control the course of the whole situation at all costs.

In order to avoid the negative effects of this negotiation technique, we should allow the partner to take the initiative, to engage in the creation of the agenda and sometimes to deviate from the established list of topics if this seems justified. It is also necessary to make sure what the other party has in mind and what interests it wants to pursue in this way.

Contrary to appearances, the way in which the negotiations take place is arranged has an impact on the course of the meeting. It is important to plan the seats at the table that will be occupied by the negotiators. Creating a certain setting makes it easier to communicate, maintain eye contact, as well as shapes the climate and affects the style of negotiation: formal, friendly, competitive or team.

Even if you take care of the right setting that will suit the negotiation climate you want to receive, you may find that the arrangement of chairs and table will not suit your partner. People have different tastes. Some like to still maintain eye contact with the interlocutor, while others would prefer to avoid it. If you do not know your opponent well, you have to reckon with the possibility of making some adjustments to the way the meeting place is arranged.

Source: https://poradnikprzedsiebiorcy.pl/-techniki-negocjacyjne-winwin-zwiazane-z-przygotowaniem-do-negocjacji

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