What are the social partners of the Social Dialogue Council asking for?

Social partners, members of the Social Dialogue Council, appeal to the government and all political forces for dialogue and cooperation to rebuild the health safety of Poles and to reduce the social and economic consequences of the pandemic. Konfederacja Lewiatan, BCC, Employers of the Republic of Poland, OPZZ, Forum of Trade Unions and the Polish Craft Association, organizations represented in the Social Dialogue Council, appeal to the rulers, all representatives of public authorities and political circles, organizations and institutions to focus their attention and real actions on counteracting the consequences of a pandemic, the dimensions of which threaten the safety of all citizens today. Today, from the perspective of exponentially growing cases and the increase in deaths of COVID-19 victims in Poland, each case of seeking alternative topics or taking other actions at the expense of efforts to improve the situation in the field of health care means responsibility for the increase in morbidity and the deterioration of the social and economic situation in Poland. our country. The Social Dialogue Council appeals to the government side to urgently take action in the following areas:

  • Improving the coordination of activities in the field of counteracting the pandemic, including immediate increase in citizens’ access to COVID – 19 tests, increasing the number of hospital beds, including the supply of respirators, and improving the efficiency of providing assistance to all those in need, in particular by improving the efficiency of medical and rescue services and sanitary.
  • Immediate increase of outlays for the protection of citizens’ health and improvement of the situation in health care institutions, emergency medical services and sanitary inspection services, as well as taking specific financial and organizational measures.
  • Adoption of the necessary solutions in the education system, especially in terms of increasing expenditure, financial support for local governments, coordination and improvement of cooperation with representatives of education as well as employers and their organizations. Cessation of activities destabilizing the situation in the education system, including assistance and decisions related to the implementation of vocational education, especially in the practical part. The prolonged period of suspension of the functionality of educational system institutions resulted in the fact that within a period of several months, students do not implement practical vocational training programs. This condition exacerbates gaps in their skills and creates a threat to vocational exams.
  • Immediate cessation of changes in economic law that increase operating costs, introduce additional burdens and unnecessary bureaucracy, in particular the tax on limited partnerships, tax on retail sales, on new loans, minimum tax and sugar tax, which in the conditions of the developing crisis and radical the deteriorating situation of companies will hit the stability of economic entities and the level of employment.
  • Introducing employment protection and employee remuneration instruments in all industries affected by the crisis and planning assistance in close cooperation and consultations with representatives of employers and employees, represented in the Social Dialogue Council. Consideration should be given to making the aid granted to enterprises affected by the crisis dependent on their ability to maintain employment after the support period. In the event of job loss, it is necessary to provide decent protection in the event of unemployment.
  • Urgent regulation of changes in the rules of the Sunday trade ban, restoring 2 Sundays working a month during the pandemic and a guarantee of at least 2 non-working Sundays for all employees. This new compromise will meet social needs – to ensure greater liquidity in citizens’ access to supplies in the conditions of the growing epidemiological threat and the need to maintain economic activity in the conditions of the deteriorating economic situation of companies.
  • Organizations of employers and employees represented in the Social Dialogue Council call for the postponement of political and ideological conflicts and disputes, which, by destabilizing the political and social situation, hinder the fight against the pandemic, which today should be the sole concern of public authorities.

Organizations of employers and employees represented in the Social Dialogue Council want regular cooperation with the chairman of the RDS, Prime Minister Jarosław Gowin, expect the involvement of the Prime Minister and the President of the Republic of Poland in the dialogue in terms of monitoring and implementing the recommendations of social partners and their conclusions. Social partners – employers and trade unions represented in the Council for Social Dialogue and Provincial Councils for Social Dialogue expect cooperation of the government and the entire government and local administration, institutions, companies and organizations as well as civil society environments to rebuild health safety and reduce social and economic consequences of the pandemic.

Source: http://konfederacjalewiatan.pl/aktualnosci/2020/1/

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