What are the rules for social dialogue on regional level?

Regional institutions of social dialogue in Poland are Voivodship/Provincial Social Dialogue Councils, which include:

  • voivodship marshal;
  • representatives of representative trade union organizations;
  • representatives of representative employer organizations;
  • province governor.

The competences of the Provincial Councils of Social Dialogue include:

  • taking positions and expressing opinions on matters falling within the scope of tasks of trade unions or employers’ organizations within the competence of central and local government administration from the region;
  • giving opinions on draft voivodship development strategies and other programs in the scope of tasks of trade unions and employers’ organizations, as well as preparing reports on the implementation of these tasks;
  • consideration of voivodship issues that have been referred by the Social Dialogue Council.
  • providing the Social Dialogue Council and public administration bodies recommendations, solutions and proposals for legal changes;
  • investigation on social or economic matters that give rise to conflicts between employers and employees, if they are considered important for the preservation of social peace.

Source: https://www.gov.pl/web/rodzina/wojewodzkie-rady-dialogu-spolecznego

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