What are the demands of the Amazon trade union?

The Amazon Employee Initiative Trade Union demands a PLN 4 per hour increase during the pandemic. According to trade unionists, after the outbreak of the pandemic, Amazon introduced temporary pay raises for employees. As the trade unionists argued, due to restrictions and the necessity, inter alia, wearing masks, daily work has become more difficult. However, the restrictions remained and the financial bonus was withdrawn.

“We believe that Amazon employees should receive a decent wage for their work throughout the year. All the more so recently, expenses for maintenance have increased significantly, e.g. food, garbage collection, electricity. As a result, our wages are actually dropping “- write trade unions.
In a statement sent to the portal dlahandlu.pl, Amazon claims that globally, all employees of the company were paid $ 800 million in additional salaries.

“The fact is, Amazon already offers what trade unions are asking for: industry-leading compensation, attractive fringe benefits, career opportunities – all in a safe and modern work environment. To remain a competitive employer, we review salaries every year. The hourly wage offered to Amazon employees is one of the many elements of their salary package, “the statement reads.

Source: https://www.money.pl/gospodarka/amazon-zwiazkowcy-chca-podwyzek-za-prace-w-czasie-pandemii-6552816382516128a.html

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