What are the conditions for acquiring AFP rights?

Before reaching the age of 62, you must have been employed by a company (s) in which the collective bargaining agreement including the AFP has been for seven of the last nine years of work experience. There are also transitional provisions for people born:

  • 1944 – 1951 these are 3 of the last 5 years
  • 1952 these are 4 of the last 6
  • 1953 this is 5 of the last 7 years
  • 1954 is 6 of the last 8 years

You must meet the criterion of seniority before the age of 62. It does not matter if the worker continues to be employed and meets the criterion after reaching the age of 62, e.g. upon reaching the age of 63. During the period of employment, you must be employed in a company that respects the provisions of the contract, and the income constituting the basis for calculating the pension (e.g. salary) in the company must be higher than the employee’s other income. You must be employed at least one fifth during the qualifying period. If, in the last three years before reaching the age of 62, you have been in receipt of a retirement pension (not a disability pension), severance pay or other benefit for your current or previous employment without a corresponding obligation to work, you are not entitled to AFP because the value of the annual benefits is greater than 140 NOK 451 (2017 data)

Source: http://www.fellesforbundetavd2.no/dokumenter/polsk001.pdf

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