What agreement was signed by the social partners on June 8, 2020?

On June 8, representatives of the workforce and employers signed an agreement on active aging. It aims to preserve the aging employees on the market for as long as possible while providing them with appropriate working conditions.

The most important tasks of the social partners include: improving employment conditions, supporting the employment of older people, managing skills and competences, promoting health in the workplace and beyond, raising awareness and understanding the challenges and opportunities arising from demographic changes among employers and employees, as well as promoting and monitoring the agreement.

Population aging is a challenge for European labor markets and social protection systems. For over 25 years, this process has been observed in Poland – the average life expectancy is longer with low fertility, which does not ensure replacement of generations. According to the forecasts of the Central Statistical Office, over the next quarter of a century the number of Poles will decrease by nearly 2.8 million citizens and every second inhabitant of the country will be over 50. Therefore, a key role in the coming years will be played by the activation of the so far insufficiently used, e.g. elderly people. Employers must learn to use the skills and experience of older people in a way that is appropriate to their age and health. Good practices in this area are provided by the experience of many European countries, but also of Polish companies, and the discussions on the European forum have been deepened by the demands of social partners.
One of the ways of coping with these challenges are activities undertaken within the framework of social dialogue, and the European agreement on active aging has been subject to specific evaluation and assessment by Polish employers and trade unions.      

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