Is collective barganing agreement a form of social dialogue?

Yes. Collective barganing agreements constitute a special type of an agreement between employers and trade unions which represent the employees. CBA’s specify mainly wages conditions and granting other work-related benefits to employees and other persons covered by the agreement, but also indicate the obligations of the parties, systematize relations with trade unions, set the framework for dialogue at the company level.

Often, collective labor agreements contain more favorable regulations than statutory regulations – for example, by introducing the so-called jubilee bonuses awarding employment for a given employer, higher than the code sickness benefit. In this regard, the collective agreement obviously serves employees, but also binds the employee to a given employer, strengthens his safety, thereby improving work efficiency.

The collective bargaining agreement is the source of labor law and is registered by the appropriate District Labor Inspectorate, although it can be terminated by either party. It is worth emphasizing that the company collective labor agreement can only be concluded in those enterprises in which the trade union operates.

Source: CSR = DIALOG = ROZWÓJ ; Jacek Rybicki; 2014

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