For what purpose are Tripartite Industry Teams appointed?

Tripartite industry teams are established to conduct a tripartite sectoral dialogue to reconcile the interests of the parties during the implementation of government action programs and to solve problems related to the functioning of the industry.

The predominant goal of establishing tripartite teams was to develop a model for making socio-economic decisions, taking into account the various interests of social partners in restructured industries and sectors of the Polish economy.

Teams operate on the basis of team work regulations adopted by the parties.
They include on the social side: representations of trade unions operating in the industry and employers’ organizations of given industry.

The government side is represented by representatives of competent departments – in the rank of secretaries and undersecretaries of state – guaranteeing the implementation of the adopted arrangements. Representatives of economic chambers and self-governments, representatives of local self-government and local government institutions are also invited to participate in meetings and to work in teams.

The purpose of establishing the Teams is to conduct a tripartite social dialogue to ensure development conditions (and improve competitiveness – depending on the industry) and reconcile the interests of the parties and preserve social peace in the industry.

The teams’ task is to develop a common position on matters important from the point of view of state policy towards the industry and the interests of employees and employers.
The team is managed by three co-chairmen appointed by the government, trade unions and employers.


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