What was the subject of the Labor Protection Council meeting on November 17, 2020?

The Labor Protection Council at the plenary session on November 17, 2020, conducted in the form of a videoconference chaired by MP Janusz Śniadek, gave a positive opinion on the draft budget of the National Labor Inspectorate for 2021 and requested its adoption by the Sejm in the amounts proposed by the inspection. In the position adopted on this matter, she emphasized that the budget plan of the office discussed at the previous meeting, on October 26 this year, was developed in a reliable, purposeful and effective manner. She positively noted the security in the draft budget of funds for activities related to the coronavirus pandemic, including for the purchase of laptops and other devices used in remote work. The position recalled that at the stage of creating the budget plan for 2021, the labor inspectorate provided for small funds to protect employees against coronavirus infection, corresponding to the then expected level of risk. However, taking into account the current epidemiological state of the country, it can be seen that the implementation of the tasks imposed on the office will only be possible with a significant increase in financial resources for the purchase of personal protective equipment to protect against infection. Priority spending on providing protection against illness to labor inspectors and other PIP employees will require budget transfers at the expense of resignation from some tasks planned for implementation. The Council also expressed hope that the postulate to increase wages in the National Labor Inspectorate will be implemented as soon as possible. It was emphasized that the increase in salaries at the National Labor Inspectorate has a fundamental impact on the acquisition of professional and professional inspectorate staff, which translates into the effectiveness of the office. At another point of the session, the Labor Protection Council gave a positive opinion to the Marshal of the Sejm, the request of Chief Labor Inspector Andrzej Kwaliński to dismiss Bogdan Drzastwa from the position of Deputy Chief Labor Inspector. She also positively responded to the request of the head of the labor inspection to appoint Jarosław Leśniewski – the current director of the Legality of Employment Department of the Chief Labor Inspectorate. During the meeting, the issues of threats posed by the electromagnetic field to humans and the work environment as well as the health aspects of remote work during the coronavirus pandemic were also discussed.

Source: https://www.pip.gov.pl/pl/wiadomosci/119720,pozytywnie-o-budzecie-i-kandydacie.html

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