What types of OHS trainings are there?

The employer is obliged to ensure that the employee is trained in occupational health and safety before being allowed to work, and to conduct periodic training in this area. The regulations provide for two types of OHS training:

  • preliminary and
  • periodically.

In addition, both initial and periodic health and safety training should take place during work and at the employer’s expense. After reading the instructions and guidelines for occupational health and safety, the employee is obliged to confirm this fact in writing.

Training an employee before allowing him or her to work is not required if he / she starts working in the same position that he or she occupied with the employer immediately before entering into another employment contract with that employer.

Prior to admission to work, the employee must undergo initial OHS training, which includes general initial training (aimed at familiarizing the employee with the basic health and safety regulations contained in the Labor Code, in collective labor agreements or work regulations, with the provisions and health and safety rules in force in a given workplace , as well as the principles of providing first aid in the event of an accident and initial training at the workplace (aims to familiarize the employee with the factors of the working environment at his workplace and the occupational risk associated with the work performed, how to protect against the risks that these factors can cause and methods of safe performance of work in this position).

During employment, at specified intervals, the employee must participate in periodic training to update and consolidate knowledge and skills in the field of health and safety as well as familiarize training participants with new technical and organizational solutions in this area.

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Source:  http://www.prawawpracy.pl/pdf/prawa_prac_bhp.pdf

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