What is the preventive program of the National Labor Inspectorate “Safe at school”?

The National Labor Inspectorate takes care of teachers’ work safety at school. On September 1, 2020, the National Labor Inspectorate’s preventive program “Safety at school” was launched, the purpose of which is to popularize legal requirements and good practices in the field of prevention and reduction of risks in schools and educational institutions, with particular emphasis on health protection during a pandemic. The activities of labor inspectors are to be nationwide. The program will start sending a letter of intent to directors of schools and educational institutions, including the main assumptions of the project and an invitation to participate in it, including free PIP training. The next stage of the program will be individual training courses conducted by labor inspectors in schools, carried out in agreement with the management of institutions. During the training, the issues of health and safety at work will be disseminated, including those related to the correct occupational risk assessment and its updating, among others due to the emergence of new risk factors. These activities will be supported by PIP’s advice on safe working conditions, supplemented by the distribution of thematic posters presenting good practices and anti-visage solutions. It is assumed that the National Labor Inspectorate will provide preventive support to approximately sixty school institutions in each voivodship per week. The implementation of the preventive program in schools is also to take into account the exchange of information with sanitary services on irregularities related to issues falling within the competence of the State Sanitary Inspection.

Source: https://kadry.infor.pl/wiadomosci/4670923,Program-profilaktyczny-PIP-Bezpiecznie-w-szkole.html

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