What is the Norwegian HMS course?

The provisions on health and safety at work (HMS) are regulated by the Arbeidsmiljøloven – the Norwegian Labor Code, which defines the requirements to be met by the working environment created by a Norwegian entrepreneur. It is worth being aware of the hazards that are to be prevented by health and safety rules and adhere to them not only in relation to the Arbeidstilsynet (Labor Inspectorate) inspections, but above all to ensure the actual safety of employees.

HMS training is compulsory for an entrepreneur employing employees, a client using the services of subcontractors and managers supervising employees (daglig leder). Occupational health and safety courses are held in-house or online. There are more and more online training offers on the market, which are gaining a group of supporters due to their convenience and time saving. There are courses in Polish, which help in gaining complete knowledge in the field of Norwegian health and safety and guarantee obtaining confirmation of completing the course – HMS KURSBEVIS (certificate recognized by the Labor Inspectorate in Norway). In addition, the online course gives the opportunity to access the necessary information and basic forms along with instructions on how to fill them in – thanks to this, the entrepreneur has the opportunity to conduct a proper risk analysis appropriate for his enterprise and subsequent work safety control. It is worth remembering that for some companies it is also required to have industry IDs.

Knowledge of Norwegian health and safety regulations is the responsibility of every employer, i.e. a person who employs employees and a client who uses the services of subcontractors. In Norway, the regulations contained in Arbeidsmiljøloven should be supplemented with knowledge of specific regulations for specific industries. Health and safety courses are a way to acquire the necessary knowledge in the field of safety, health and environmental protection – in accordance with the laws and regulations of the Labor Inspectorate in force in Norway. The issues related to occupational health and safety are very extensive, so it is worth focusing on the basics and specific regulations governing the industry in which we operate – during the OHS training we will receive information about the sources where we can find the data we need.

Arbeidsmiljøloven obliges Norwegian employers to undergo health and safety training in the field of health, safety and environmental protection (HMS – Helse, miljø og sikkerhe), and the confirmation of such training is a personal certificate, which is shown in the case of an inspection from the Norwegian authority.

It is worth remembering that the course in the field of occupational health and safety should be completed by the employer and the manager who supervises employees – the obligation cannot be transferred to other people.

Every Norwegian company is obliged to employ a health and safety representative – the exception are companies with less than ten employees, which may declare in writing that there is no such representative. It is the employer who provides the training, pays for the course itself and the study time.

Source: https://norwegiaconsulting.pl/bhp-w-norwegii.html

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