What is occupational risk assessment?

Occupational risk is the likelihood of adverse events related to work that result in losses, in particular the occurrence of adverse health effects for employees as a result of occupational hazards in the work environment or the manner in which work is performed (Polish Standard PN-N-18002).
Occupational risk assessment can be understood as a thorough check and assessment of what may harmful or harm employees in the workplace. Thanks to it, it is possible to verify whether sufficient measures have been taken to reduce or eliminate threats and to determine what else needs to be done to achieve it. Risk assessment helps ensure that the probability of someone being injured or falling ill as a result of occupational dangers is as low as possible. Occupational risk assessment, which every employer is obliged to prove to be a fundamental tool for the safety and health of employees in the workplace, and its regular implementation by the easiest way to create safe working conditions in the company and control the state of threats in the workplace. Risk assessment leads to the protection of human health and life and saves employees and employers stress, financial losses and other problems related to possible accidents at work and occupational diseases.

When you conduct a risk assessment, you can count on benefits for your business. In the short term, this means better employee well-being and a better atmosphere at work when the employer cares about their safety and health. On the other hand, the employer may be aware of the fulfillment of an obligation of fundamental importance for protecting employees’ health and preventing human suffering in his company.


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