What is an example of an antidote to stress in the workplace?

Stress at work has become the bane of highly developed countries. As research shows, stress is not only a source of discomfort, it is also a serious social problem and a real threat. It is not always possible to eliminate stressful situations. One solution is physical activity.

Currently, half of workers in European countries believe that stress is a serious problem in the workplace. In general, we are aware that the mental state affects our physical state. Many diseases have their root cause under stress. However, not everyone is aware of other effects. Stress is responsible for half of the lost working days 1/4 of sick leave lasting more than two weeks. It reduces productivity, causes distraction of employees and, consequently, an increase in accident rates. Sick leave caused by stress and accidents are costs that we all ultimately bear. Stress has become one of the most serious occupational health and safety challenges.

The main sources are:

  • poor organization of work
  • monotony of performed activities
  • routineization of behaviors
  • too close supervision
  • humiliatingly low wages, insufficient for a decent life and the maintenance of a family
  • lack of clear definition of the scope of duties while setting excessive requirements
  • a sense of lack of control over the work performed and lack of interest in the employee’s person, underestimation of the employee’s contribution to the achievement of the company’s goals, to the success of the company.

Psubtraction of physical activity has taken on a special significance in the era of the pandemic, when a significant part of the population has been forced to isolate and switch to remote work. Employees who practice sports do not feel so alienated, they feel better, they are better at performing their daily duties, they are less likely to make mistakes and suffer from burnout. Elimination of stress for the company means measurable financial benefits. Satisfied employees become ambassadors of the company and this, in turn, constitutes an image profit.

48% of Poles are active in sports, while 64% of Poles are active, i.e. practicing physical activity at least once a month. 80% of our compatriots aged 15-24 declare that they are physically active. Sport is usually practiced by people with higher education and residents of large cities. In Poland, as in the world, running is the most popular.

Source: https://www.seka.pl/aktywnosc-fizyczna-jako-antidotum-na-stres-w-pracy/

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