What elements does a post-inspection report drawn up by a labor inspector consist of?

After completing the control activities, the inspector prepares the control protocol. It should include:

  • name of the controlled entity in full and its address as well as the number from the national official register of national economy entities (REGON) and tax identification number (NIP);
  • name and surname and position of the labor inspector;
  • name and surname of the person representing the controlled entity and name
  • body representing this entity;
  • the date of commencement of operations by the controlled entity and the date of assuming the position by a person or appointing a body;
  • indication of days on which the inspection was carried out;
  • information on the implementation of previous decisions and statements of the National Labor Inspectorate as well as conclusions, recommendations and decisions of other control and supervision bodies over working conditions;
  • description of identified violations of law and other information relevant to the audit results;
  • details of the ID card as well as the time, place and reasons for ID;
  • information on the sampling of raw materials and materials used, produced or created in the course of production;
  • the content of oral decisions and information on their implementation;
  • information on the number and type of advice provided in the field of labor law;
  • specification of attachments that are part of the protocol;
  • information on persons in the presence of whom the inspection was carried out;
  • at the request of the controlled entity – mention of information covered by the business secret;
  • mention of making or not raising objections to the content of the report and possible removal of identified irregularities before the end of the control;
  • date and place of signing the report by the inspecting person and by a person or body representing the inspected entity.

If, during the inspection, the labor inspector does not find any shortcomings, instead of a report, he may make an official note and include a concise description of the facts found during the inspection.

Source: https://www.pip.gov.pl/pl/o-urzedzie/dzialalnosc-kontrolna/6107,dzialalnosc-kontrolno-nadzorcza-inspektora-pracy.html

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