What are the obligations of an employer and employee in the Norwegian legal system?

The basic obligations for both employers and employees are contained in the Act on the working environment, working time, employment protection and others (Lov om arbeidsmiljø, arbeidstid og stillingsvern mv.).

According to Norwegian law, an employer should:

  • undergo health and safety training (HMS),
  • ensure compliance with regulations under the Arbeidsmiljøloven Act,
  • provide a safe working environment,
  • prevent and reduce the risk,
  • calculate the risk of accidents, damages,
  • detect and record possible threats,
  • inform employees about the risks associated with the work performed in a given position and the basic principles of occupational health and safety,
  • provide employees with protective equipment (if necessary),
  • provide workers with access to health services (if there are any higher risk conditions).
    Depending on the type of business you are doing, you should also follow HSE work requirements or special precautions.

Employees are active participants in the implementation of health and safety rules in every company – in order to be able to supervise other employees, you must have the knowledge necessary to control work in the field of health and safety implementation.

A person who works in Norway should:

  • follow the instructions given by the Labor Inspectorate,
  • use protective equipment,
  • notify the entrepreneur / manager about any shortcomings, threats
  • inform the employer about diseases and injuries resulting from the work performed,
  • inform the employer about sick leave
  • report incidents of discrimination and harassment

Source: https://norwegiaconsulting.pl/bhp-w-norwegii.html

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