What are the health and safety requirements in the field of hygiene and sanitary facilities?

Cloakrooms, washrooms, toilets, showers, dining rooms (except for canteens), rooms for sheltering from the cold, rooms for washing, disinfecting, drying, dedusting work or protective clothing are considered to be hygienic and sanitary rooms.

According to the regulation of the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy on general health and safety regulations (hereinafter: the regulation on health and safety), these rooms should be located in the building in which the work takes place or in a building connected to it by an enclosed passage. This passage should be heated in the event of passing from heated rooms. These requirements do not apply to toilets provided with tight tanks for waste, as well as to rooms for heating employees working in the open.

The ordinance on general health and safety regulations specifies the type and size of hygiene and sanitary facilities in the workplace and presents the requirements that should be met, namely:

  • hygienic and sanitary facilities should be adapted to the number of employees, technologies used and types of work as well as working conditions,
  • should be kept in a condition that ensures their safe and hygienic use, this rule also applies to indoor devices,
  • their location should exclude the need to pass through rooms where poisonous substances or infectious materials are used, or where particularly dirty work is performed (except for employees working with these agents),
  • should be heated, lit and ventilated in accordance with technical and construction regulations and Polish standards,
  • the height of the rooms should not be less than 2.5 m in the light (except for public baths, their height should be at least 3.0 m). The regulations allow the height of rooms to be reduced to 2.2 m in the light of basements, basements or attics (excluding public toilets and baths).

Source:  https://poradnikprzedsiebiorcy.pl/-pomieszczenia-higieniczno-sanitarne

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