What are the employee’s obligations regarding health and safety at work?

One of the basic obligations imposed on the employee is compliance with health and safety rules and regulations.
The employee is obliged in particular to:

  • be familiar with the rules and principles of health and safety at work, take part in training and instruction in this field and undergo the required examinations.
  • perform work in a manner consistent with health and safety regulations and principles, and follow superiors’ instructions and instructions issued in this respect;
  • take care of the proper condition of machines, devices, tools and equipment as well as order in the workplace;
  • use collective protection measures, as well as use assigned personal protective equipment as work clothing and footwear as intended;
  • undergo initial, periodic and follow-up examinations as well as other prescribed medical examinations and follow medical indications;
  • immediately notify the supervisor of an accident at the workplace or the threat to human life or health, and warn co-workers, as well as other people in the danger area, of the imminent danger;
  • cooperate with the employer and supervisors in fulfilling their obligations regarding occupational health and safety.

Source: http://www.prawawpracy.pl/pdf/prawa_prac_bhp.pdf

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