Is the validity of psycho-technical tests of drivers during a pandemic prolonging?

A professional driver who’s medical and psychological examinations have expired in the period of the announced state of the COVID-19 epidemic, retains the right to practice, and the validity of the tests is extended until 60 days from the date of cancellation of the state of epidemic threat or the state of the epidemic, depending on this which one will be cancelled later.

This is provided for in the Act of March 2, 2020 on special solutions related to the prevention, prevention and combating of COVID-19, other infectious diseases and crisis situations caused by them (i.e. Journal of Laws 2020.1842, as amended), hereinafter referred to as the „covid act” .

The provisions of Art. 12a paragraph. 1 point 2 of the covid act provide for the suspension – for the time of announcing the state of epidemic threat or state of epidemic – incl. the obligation to perform medical and psychological examinations of drivers referred to in art. 39k of the Act of 6 September 2001 on road transport (i.e. Journal of Laws 2021.919 as amended).

However, in Art. 15zzw of the covid act, an extension is provided for – until 60 days from the date of cancellation of the state of epidemic threat or epidemic state, depending on which of them will be cancelled later – incl. driving license, driving license, entry of the code 95 in the driving license confirming obtaining initial qualification, accelerated preliminary qualification, supplementary preliminary qualification, accelerated supplementary preliminary qualification or completion of periodic training – which expired during the period of epidemic threat or epidemic state.

However, one should remember about the above-mentioned limit of 60 days for carrying out the necessary medical and psychological examinations after the state of epidemic threat or the state of an epidemic has been cancelled.


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