How is occupational risk assessed in Norway?

Each industry has its own specific characteristics and hence, different risk factors. Therefore, in order to properly assess the occupational risk in the company, it should be approached on an individual basis. 4 groups of activities help in the assessment of occupational risk:

  • Analysis of the current state of the company – The owner of a Norwegian company should consider what dangers may affect the employee in his company. It is also worth visiting all the rooms, taking a close look at them and taking appropriate notes. The employees themselves can provide valuable information. They work in these rooms, so they see more. To more accurately assess the risks in the workplace, the employer should consult the manuals for the equipment and machines located there. You should consider what diseases may be associated with a given place or workplace. An important element may be checking what injuries or accidents have already taken place in the company.
  • Analysis of the frequency of risk occurrence and its intensity – a Norwegian entrepreneur should refer to the past and remember how often accidents occurred in his company. On this basis, it can assess whether the situation is likely to repeat itself and whether everything has been done to prevent it in the future.
  • Prevention of risk occurrence – The planned activities for the safety fixture should be aimed at: complete elimination of the risk or reducing it to a minimum; mitigation of the consequences if a dangerous situation occurs; compliance with legal regulations; adherence to industry standards and recommendations; providing the company with appropriate precautions; organizing appropriate training for employees
  • Assessment of the effectiveness of the introduced changes – This means analyzing the present and the past. The entrepreneur should establish how often he will conduct a risk assessment in his company and stick to the set deadlines.

After another assessment, appropriate changes should be made. The occupational risk assessment should be documented.


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