How do I protect an employee in a car workshop?

Mechanical and electrical repairs of vehicles are carried out in the car workshop, as well as a number of other activities related powertrain, chassis, bodywork, etc. It cannot therefore be assumed that there is a single, general pattern of workwear for workshop workers. The outfit, as well as personal protective equipment such as shoes, glasses, filter masks and half masks, overalls and protective gloves should be adapted to the specific workstation, as well as to the machines, equipment and technologies used on it. However, it is possible to distinguish common features, which should be distinguished by the work dress, regardless of the position supported by the workshop employee.

The workshop worker’s equipment should consist of workwear (in the form of a shirt, trousers, sweatshirt or protective suit) ensuring adequate airiness and freedom of movement. Employees of car repair points also appreciate trousers equipped with soft headdlanges. This convenience is very important for anyone who does the work in a kneeling or semi-kneeling position.

In addition, in winter, if there is work outside the room, it is also necessary to provide a cover to protect against cold and precipitation.  For workers working in the open, e.g. in a square where other vehicles move, a reflective warning vest will also be required.

When completing a work outfit for garage workers, do not forget about the right footwear. First of all, it should be convenient to provide comfort when performing duties. The sole is crucial – preferably when it is thick and made of the right materials for both good cushioning and high slip resistance. For some of the hazards in the car workshop, the anti-raise insert is also important. In addition, the footwear should have reinforced noses to ensure the protection of the toes of the foot in the event that the worker hits a heavy structure or a heavy object falls on his foot. When choosing shoes for employees, it is also worth considering the workplace, for example, sandals are a good solution for work on the workshop hall, and for outdoor work, safety shoes or shoes will work better.

Gloves and short-term use protective suits are also an essential element of work attire in car repair vehicles, which effectively protect against heavy-to-remove dirt (e.g. greases, oils, etc.) and hazards such as cuts, abrasions or burns. It is worth paying attention to the technical parameters of gloves and overalls, so that they correspond to both the specificities of the work carried out and the risks at specific positions. Other gloves will be used for mechanical work in dry environments and others in oily environments. Still others for varnishing. It is also important that these are silicone-containing products, especially where there are paint works. Otherwise, there may be a so-called crater effect and the workshop will be forced to perform paint work from the beginning.

The equipment of the persons employed in the car workshop will also be complemented by appropriate personal protective equipment, e.g. glasses, helmets or goggles, which will protect the eyes from chemicals or possible spatter. Helmets (which protect the head from injuries) and hearing protectors such as earmuffs and earpuffs (which provide protection against noise) will also be useful. In addition, masks and half masks to protect the respiratory system of the nose and mouth from dust or inhalation of chemicals must also be provided to persons repairing the bodywork or carrying out paint work.


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