Does the employer have to designate employees for health and safety tasks?

Yes. Art. 209 (1) § 1 of the Labor Code expressly states that the obligations of the employer include, inter alia, appointing employees to tasks in the field of health and safety. Designating employees for health and safety tasks should have an obvious effect. In practice, this means that the first and last names of the employees responsible for the area in question should be specified. Due to the nature of the role, the provisions of the GDPR Act will not be breached here by indicating, using personal data, the person responsible for tasks in the area of ​​health and safety. Persons appointed to perform such a role are assigned to it until further notice.

Persons appointed to perform health and safety tasks must have appropriate training. Its type depends on the area of ​​entrusted responsibility of a given person. Entrepreneurs most often decide to use the services of professional training companies that are able to choose the right type of training to meet their needs.

The appointment of employees to health and safety tasks imposes certain obligations on the indicated persons, for which they are responsible. In the event of failure to fulfill their obligations or their improper performance, the employer has the right to take the consequences. The provisions of the Labor Code allow in such situations the application of the provisions of Art. 108 stipulating that the entrepreneur has the right to impose a penalty on such employees:

  • warning,
  • reprimands or
  • cash.


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